Tuesday, 9 October 2012

I know, I know.....!!!!!!

Another cushion post, I did originally want to post all four cushions together, but other work has held up production & I don't like to leave it too long between posts, so here's finish number two.
In my defense I almost finished a third today, but just didn't.....!!!!!!!
So another round squashey, poofey, sweet pillow....

Heather Bailey freshcut, this fabric seems to be lasting forever, not that I'm complaining, its such a lovely line. I centred a mandala in the middle & its just the right touch.

Sweet pink ricrac on the edge.......I love ricrac, one of those timeless trims, I remember it on dresses when I was a kid, it just has a simple appeal that gives a perfect finish .....

Just right with this quilt. I did want to put this in my Etsy shop as I really need to stock up, but its not really right.....I'm not entirely satisfied with it, a wee bit out of shape (pics don't show that) & I didn't pay enough attention to small details, but I will def make some more & try to sell them.
I think I'll be finished the dresses tomorrow, one or two little details to do.....I tell you I will be sooo soooo happy to have them collected & away with the lovely bride to be.
Next week I have one huge pair of theatre curtains to make each one is 17ft by 17ft finish wahhhhhh!!!!!
Then I'm freeeeeeee...I cannot wait to get back to a normal routine & get working on building a proper Etsy shop. 
Christmas isn't all that far away & I do want to make quite a bit of christmassy bits...its so exciting, I love this time of year, the build up & preparations, especially when you do like to make gifts Eeeeekk

Anyhoo enough of that, thank you for dropping in, I love to receive & read your comments & browse your beautiful blogs, it really is a lovely pastime x
Hope you have a wonderful evening
Lots of love Karen xxxxxx


  1. It's really lovely! I'm the same, I pick to pieces everything I make! The colours go so well, I'm sure there are lots of people who will buy them! Ada :)

  2. Love the pillow. I know what you mean about getting the dress out of there. I am only altering one bridesmaid dress and I will be soooooo glade when it is finished. I WILL have it done by Friday!

  3. A very beautiful cushion.
    Anne xx

  4. So so Pretty!!! I love that Heather Bailey line so much.

  5. Gorgeous cushion, Karen! I love the Heather Bailey freshcut line of fabrics, and made my younger daughter a quilt using it a while ago....such gorgeous colours :)
    Have a happy rest of the week.
    Helen x

  6. It's beautiful. Very pretty fabric and the crochet really finishes it off. xx

  7. I'd like to share the Liebster Blog Award with you, please accept with my best wishes. If you would like to visit my blog you can find all the details! x

  8. Wow hon you have been ridiculously busy haven't you! I can't believe my eyes at all the gorgeousness you have created in a short space of time. This cushion is beyond belief! I absolutely adore it. I have a thing for ric-rac too - a must have!! You are such a clever clogs aren't ya!!!