Thursday, 18 October 2012

New Things

I wanted to pop in & show you some new things, pretty nice things, I like pretty things, try to fill my house with them, as far as possible, like when someone buys me nice gifts or I find a cute thing in the thrift shop, has to be pretty though.
Anyway I don't know quite how I'm typing right now, a minor miracle I have to say. Just finished a rather large pair of curtains.....17ft x18ft to be exact, now that was a chore in itself...the sheer weight was a bit much (velvet) but it was the finish that almost made my thumbs cave in. they were finished with eyelets, 35 in each curtain, man pressing those little "*?*!!**$*"s in has left me numb.
But its done yayyyyyyy just in time for the wedding on Sunday, the curtains are for the church old theatre, so finally I can focus on some sewing & crafting for my shop & for Christmas.
Anyway after much ado about nothing I have started a new blanket....I know I don't need another blanket but the patterns a real sweetie, found it here at, a great blog, always filled with colour & beautiful crochet, love it.....

I'm twelve rows in & enjoying the sheer simplicity of it, loving the soft colours & taking my own sweet time

It really is a pleasure to focus on a simple crochet blanket after the complications of dresses & giant curtains.

Also trying out some simple patches

....not too sure where I'm going with it .....a cushion, maybe a bag, we'll see!!!!
Have had these Vintage Modern charm packs for a while so it sure is time to crack them open

Also I have listed the crochet cushion in my Etsy shop....hope it sells xxxxx

Received some lovely books recently as gifts....I love gifts, don't you??????

Two cook books, a new one by Rachel Allen...CAKE....seriously, nothing but cakes, its an absolute dream of a book, could be a nightmare too but I prefer to look on the brighter side, its pure bliss :)
Easy entertaining by Darina Allen, excellent book, so many great recipes, will be well used
Then lastly Country Cottage Quilting by Lynnette Anderson, full to the brim of inspiration, I love it.
Can see one or two projects in the near future from this.

I'm so happy to be able to get back to a normal routine again, some crochet for now

 & lots more besides :).
Thanks for dropping in to see me this evening, hope to be peeking into blogland a lot over the next few days, I have sooooooo missed your blogs
See you soon 
Lots of love Karen xxxxxx
ps Will put up some pics of the bridesmaid dresses on mon, the big day is this Sunday


  1. Hi Karen, everything is so dreamy and pretty! love, love the crochet blanket! Shari

  2. Those patches are gorgeous! Such pretty fabric, can't wait to see what they become!
    Karen x x x

  3. Well done on making those curtains which does sound like a huge project. Enjoy getting back to your crochet and patchwork. Your work is so pretty.
    Anne xx

  4. Great post Karen! Everything looks so pretty. I bet you're glad to get those curtains done. On to the fun stuff!!!!

  5. Ohhh, lots of pretty things!!!! Love it all!
    XO Kris

  6. Beautiful and gorgeous makes with stunning soft gentle colours.

  7. Oooh Karen it is looking lovely. Would you mind sharing what colours you are using for this new blanket? You always have great taste. x

  8. Hello from central Florida - so glad to have found your blog. Your projects are beautiful. Whenever I pull out my knitting needles or crochet hook, my husband says I'm indulging in Needle Therapy! -- Jan

  9. Hi Karen...Your makes are so lovely as always...My goodness, they were big curtains! Your latest crochet project is so pretty and I recognise the Vintage Modern fabrics as I'm using them at the moment..they are gorgeous, aren't they?
    Can't wait to see your bridesmaids' dresses!
    Happy weekend,
    Susan x
    P.S The lovely crochet cushion is sure to be snapped up!

  10. Loved seeing all your pretty things in this post, Karen! The new crochet is gorgeous, so is the pretty pillow and the sweet patches are looking lovely...I love the colours you choose.
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen x

  11. Me again - so many lovely posts to catch up on - I am going to have to go back and look at them all again now!! Your new blanket looks beautiful - the pattern caught my eye too. Is it difficult? It looks tricky.

    Also have to say how much I love all your pretty finds - love the clock and lamp transformations!!

    Have a fab week gorgeous girl.