Saturday, 16 June 2012

A Lazy Crochet Saturday

I have just spent an incredibly lazy day on my sofa.
I'm not usually this inactive, but after one busy, busy week
I felt drained big time.
Breakfast in bed was a good start with lots of coffee.
Ella joined in with the general lethargy & slobbed out with me

Hey Sophie was right there too....where'd she go???????
Out came my yarn bag & something cute & quick to hook up

Love this pretty pattern over here at Made in K town.
It took me a few hours & I love it

I want to use it in the centre of a round cushion

With these fabrics

or this fabric
Trimmed with a pretty crochet edge, not just one though
Two or three........
Depends on how many pretty mandala's I hook up this weekend
See you soon 
Have the best one ever
Lots of love Karen xxxxx


  1. We call those kind of days a "rot out" day! Everyone needs them. I am having one too. I have a miserable cold!!! Hubby is golfing. I may go float on my raft in a minute.
    Love the manila you made!!!

  2. Hi Karen! You caught me online when you wrote your comment right now. I'm glad you like the pattern and thanks for the link-back! By the way, these are beautiful pictures, I love your blankets!!

  3. Oooooh I'm so glad I woke up so early ... I got to sneak in some computer time and saw your post! I love your mandala - the colours are stunning!! I had just spotted that pattern too and was wondering what I could do with it. I can't wait to have a go. Yours is so pretty I'd want to hang it on the wall so I could smile each time I saw it. My husband has taken the kids away for the night so today is going to be spent sewing and crocheting with a girlfriend. The weather is rotten, the fire is on and I can't wait to get started!

    Have a fabulous week gorgeous girl,

  4. Dressing gown days, we call them! You need them sometimes I think.
    I love that pattern and am going to run over now and have a look. The colours are so pretty!

  5. Oh how pretty! :0)
    I could sure use a lazy weekend.
    I hope it would be as pretty
    as yours.

  6. Such a crochet feast for the eyes!! Love all your crochet and the lovely blankies too. xx

  7. We must have gotten the same inspiration as someone else blogged about this very same pattern so I bookmarked it yesterday to give a try. I was always confused about the term dc2tog but I think I understand it now. Maybe. :) Sometimes doing nothing is a very good thing. I did an hour walk this morning, collected some rocks and am about to crochet little jackets for them. Have a good Sunday. Tammy

  8. So pretty, loving your colours! Hope you feel nice and recharged after a lovely lazy day! xxx

  9. I do enjoy a PJ day every now and then.

    I saw that mandala too, it's on my very long 'to do list'. Yours looks lovely, though.

  10. Oooh, looks like my kind of day! The weather was awful here yesterday so we didn't do much either. Bliss! Look at those beautiful colours! xxx

  11. Good morning Karen. It was very nice to have you visiting my blog.

    You know, I think sometimes we have the right to just have a lazy day, after all most of the time we have so many things to do.

    Your crochet looks lovely, I love the colors you chose.

    Have a great Sunday.

  12. Oh I need a weekend just like that!! It's been too much rush, rush recently. I love that mandala and now you have said you are going to make a cushion out of it, well, I think I might just copy that! I always thought the crochet mandalas were pretty but never even thought of making them into cushions durrr!!! Love it. Hope you are all keeping well. Much hugs sis. x

  13. Lovely - you can't beat a lazy Sunday!

    Fleur xx

  14. Oooh, nothing better than reading under a crochet blankie. I wish I could go home from work and do júst that ;-)

  15. Beautiful hookiness! I am going to try that granny circlish cushion cover too!

  16. Hey that's gorgeous can't wait to see what you do with it!

  17. Oh I love it and the colors are spot on, good old Stylecraft. I like the idea of mixing the crochet with the material to make a round cushion. Gosh I hope you got over your tireds, I can understand that feeling. Ella is so sweet coming over to my blog, bless her.
    xxo Sandi

  18. es precioso, y bonita la combinacion de los colores, me encanta!!

  19. Good for you to recognize your need for rest! We too often ignore that urge out of guilt feelings when in reality we get more done in the long run by listening to our body's inclinations. Blessings to you, My Friend! Love those mandalas! Great color choices ;-)