Saturday, 14 July 2012

Another WIP!!!

I just can't help it, a new project gets me going....
there's no two ways about it, I get bored way too easily
and need a fresh start to spur me on to finish older projects.
Funny though I don't think I'm alone in this one eh!!!
Anyhoo I was kinda thinking I wonder could I sort of invent 
my own pattern, well not invent but hook up a project without following
someone else's beautiful pattern, there are so many to choose from.
So I've been wanting a round either tablecloth or throw...depending
on how far I can take's my attempt so far

Lots of color & just experimenting as I go

I'm quite enjoying this actually

might even turn out nice ......

Also today got to eat barbeque for the first time this summer, it was quite a treat,
lots of delicious smokey flavoured beef Yum!!!!
My offering was desserts

Pavlova...made some toffee sauce to pour over, finishing touch Mmmmmm

Blueberry & lemon drizzle cake

I always get desserts.....really I can cook other things...but I still get desserts.
"Hey Cass can you bring the dessert"
"Sure no prob"!!!!
It was a super day :)
I'm thinking some hooking now & a relaxing listen to The Gaither Vocal Band
Have a great weekend
Lots of Love Karen x 


  1. Yummy!
    Not barbeque weather here! in fact we've had rain practically non stop!

  2. I am loving your crochet!!! Such happy colors! And so glad you are getting a chance to barbeque!! Sometimes I just assume everyone has the same hot and humid summer weather that I have where I live :) xoxo Debbie

  3. Good for you, trying out your own pattern! It's turning out very pretty. I bet your dessert are REALLY good, that's why you always get asked. The Pavlova looks amazing!

  4. Oooh just found your blog and I love it!!! I could eat that Pavlova now but it's only early morning so that would be a no no.
    Hat off to you with 4 girls. I have one of each and they take up all my time, how do you get your crochet done?!!!
    I've been working on a giant granny blanket but nothing has really progressed.
    Happy Sunday,
    Gem x x x

  5. I love your crochet! The colours are gorgeous and how clever are you making it up as you go along? I've had purple and green in my head for a while now for a new blanket and have been thinking about doing it on holiday. I won't be making up my own pattern though I know that!
    Great cakes, and just when I've promised to starve myself for the next few weeks!
    Have a good Sunday and look forward to seeing the progress on the crochet.

  6. Hi Karen, your project looks very nice to me. I like making up things, mostly because my pattern following skills aren't always the greatest. Just made a berry crumb cake myself. Yum! I don't eat meat -- so give me dessert. :) Have a fabulous day. Tammy

  7. I love the colours you're using, you're so clever making your own patterns, I'm still very much a crochet novice. Your puddings are obviously gorgeous, that's why everyone wants you to make them. xx

  8. Your pattern is looking very nice..and the colors you choose are blending very well together. Can't wait to see what you use it for! Oh and your berry/lemon crumb cake looks just delious!!!

  9. I love the colours of your crochet and the pattern... you are clever. Look forward to seeing how this progresses. Have a happy creative week x

  10. hello there, just found your bog through Amanda. I love your crochet, clever you making up your own pattern, it's beautiful and you are using my favorite colours too. Those desserts look yummy :)

  11. Love how your new projects come along,clever girl! All those deserts look yummy...
    Happy Sunday Sweet Karen,lol juliexxx

  12. Love the crochet and the colours, could just see it on a lovely garden table (especially with some of your yummy deserts on - no wonder you get asked to bring the pud!).

  13. Mmmmmmm can I come for tea??? Love the crochet. You are too clever. xx

  14. Crochet and pavlova - what a perfect post!!!! Your crochet is amazing honey - I hope you're writing it all down because you know we'll all want the pattern! You're one clever cookie aren't you. I can't wait to see how big it gets. I am furiously trying to catch up on blog reading after two weeks of school holidays and having no time to do it.

    See you again hon,

  15. Hi Karen!
    The desserts are to die for and your crochet is turning out very beautiful indeed! It's going to be a winner! You score full marks on both!
    Take care
    Monica :)

  16. Love the crochet, very pretty colours. The desserts look yummy. Fruit and meringue and cream just go together perfectly don't they! xx

  17. This doily is simply perfect :) I love love it! and the cake looks delicious :) miammm
    can you send me a piece pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase??? :))))
    Big kisses

  18. Wow, that looks delicious! The colours of your crochet look so fresh and happy. Really, really nice. Have a good week Nicole

  19. hello Karen
    Well I could have started with your desserts ....yumm...I swear I have put on weight since I started blogging.LOL!
    Lovely new project and your very own pattern...looks great to me and as usual bright and nice colour combination.
    Agreed.....same with me I get bored once I've got the knack of a new project and its rare I repeat. I adore the patterns that are out there too but as you say doing your own is motivating and its unique after all.

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

  20. Your crochet is beautiful, I love the colours and the intricate pattern. And the desserts look soooo yummy! Hope you have a lovely weekend, Karen!
    Helen x

  21. I am a little behind with blogs at the moment, day and night work for the next three weeks and work keeps me on the hop by changing my days on me!!! I love your WIP, clever bunny arn't you, I have as yet to launch off into the 'making up a pattern' of my own....scary thought actually. Oh and I could easily partake of some of your yummy food right now.
    xoxo Sandi