Monday, 23 July 2012

Granny quilt top

Well, well what a shocker, its been raining all day, 
haven't seen weather like this in an age....seems like 
four whole days ago!!!!!!!!!!!!
Since I'm such a positive wee gal who likes to have a bright outlook
on life (kidding, I'm a real moaner too)
I used the day to finish my far too long in the pipeline
granny square quilt.

I'm dreading quilting it, if any one's up for it hey I'll be your BFF for ever & ever.
I'm joshing of course, kinda.
Seriously though does quilting ever get easy, although I have to say when its 
finished ...oh wow its so worth the work

Hope you all have a sweet evening
Lots of love Karen xxxxx


  1. Love this quilt! You inspired me to go out my crochet hook and get to work. I haven't crocheted in years! I truly think it is yours color choices that got me excited again. We will see what I make if I can still remember to follow a pattern!

  2. This is a quilt well worth finishing! Very pretty!

  3. Oh my word! It's beautiful Karen! I am working on a quilt myself at the moment but I'm a complete novice. I wish I had half of your talent. xxx

  4. I wish I could make quilts like you, love the colours you use. x

  5. Your quilt is so pretty Karen. :o)
    Will you be hand quilting or machine quilting?
    I can't wait to see what you decide!
    Have a lovely week. :o) Trish xo

  6. I know precisely what you mean. I have a couple quilt tops done but have never gotten around to quilting them to completion!

    Wanted to let you know that I have a little award for you on my blog - the One Lovely blog award. If you don't do that sort of thing, I totally understand. Just know you were thought of ;-)

  7. It's so pretty! Love it. x

  8. Karen...this is just gorgeous!!! I haven't made a quilt in a long time! My favorite part is quilting it..I really don't like putting the pieces together( I know, I'm strange) but true!

  9. Beautiful quilt Karen, the fabric is great!!! I have three quilts hanging in the closet waiting to be quilted, and I'm avoiding them. I love to start them , then have to force myself to quilt them. I think it's a sickness : )

  10. Well, it looks like you used the day well -- getting that beautiful quilt put together. As for quilting, I can't even sew a button properly, so wouldn't even know where to begin. I know lots of folks do their tops and then send it off to an expert for the quilting part. Sounds like something I would definitely do ... if I could quilt, or sew. :) Best wishes, Tammy