Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sunshine days at last

Oh but I enjoyed my day today.
We had sun, sun, sun at long last & it was just glorious!!!
Took a trip to a park in Limerick (where I grew up).
Ella, Sophie, her friend & my adopted 5th daughter :) Megan.
We threw a small picnic together....sandwiches, brownies, fruit & a bottle of 
fizzy orange (I don't normally go for this, but yum anyway)
Picnic quilt, tennis rackets & off we went

Half in the shade of a beautiful old tree, which I subsequently enjoyed
lying beneath gazing at the leaves & blue sky

Haven't seen blue skies in months....Bliss!!!!

Love the happy faces

I do so love to chill :)

And play

And explore

And make daisy chains

And jump on my mom

Then tree gaze again....
Lovely day
Lots of love Karen x


  1. Lovely post Karen. Ooh, I'm so jealous! County Limerick is so, so beautiful. I hope you're ok, my dear. Lynda xxx

  2. May I come over please? :0)
    Your day looks amazing.
    Your header is super cute!!

  3. Beautiful photos! It reminds of a glorious Spring day here in California. It has been way to hot for over a week now. I am ready for Fall and you are just getting into Summer!

  4. Your day looks absolutely glorious. So glad you enjoyed that lovely sunshine with family and friends.
    Anne xx

  5. Oh that does sound like a perfectly glorious day! All that beautiful green grass. Just wonderful! Best wishes, Tammy

  6. Great post and fabulous photos, seriously love the daisy chains. So nice to see kids still make them :)

  7. Nice post Karen...I use to make daisy chains when I was younger...thanks for taken me back..oh the memories!!!

  8. Love the quilt, I'm glad the girlie standing on it had taken off her shoes! It's lovely to see a bit of sun isn't it?
    Hope it's still shining where you are.
    Happy Monday!

  9. What a lovely way to spend a sunny day!! Love the daisy chains!! So perfect for a post about spending time with your sweet girls! xoxo Debbie

  10. Such a feel-good post Karen...just lovely!...Aren't picnics great?...I love to pack our picnic basket and go off and explore....Love your quilt pretty!
    Hope you have a happy week,
    Susan x
    P.S You have brought back some lovely memories of making daisy chains!

  11. Daisy chains are the perfect summer delight, aren't they? I so enjoyed catching up on all your crafty goodness. Been awhile since I have been able to blog hop. Your quilts are happiness incarnate!