Saturday, 21 April 2012

I Shouldn't Have..........

I have just put behind me an incredibly busy week.
I had so many plans, sewing, crochet, walking, tae bo...........all the usuals!!
But it wasn't to be,got a few rush orders for curtains, cushions & even a few roman blinds.
My entry for the half square triangle contest is not done, so I won't be entering :(
I will finish it though when the blind making eases off, I think I have eight to sew up 
next week, so I'm putting the feet up all weekend.
Today though I fancied something luscious & sinfully decadent.
Found this recipe Here.
Oh my, oh my, oh my...................

Chocolate cupcakes with Oreo butter cream.....are you drooling?????

Ok you can have one...

But these are for ME he he he, I'm so rotten ;)

The girls haven't stopped giving out since ....."mom for goodness sake, we'll get so faaaaat"
While munching on one or two.
"Why do you make these things, really you know we can't resist, its just not fair"
Poor things, they have a desperately hard life, I just know you are all
sympathising with them.
Go check out the link blog, she is an amazing cook, love her recipes.
Don't think these will last long.

Sooooooo for the rest of my weekend I'll be doing this

A new granny square blanket, just round & round, easy going & restful, BLISS!!!
The color isn't great in this photo, will do another later in the week when its a wee bit bigger.
I love the colors though, a real change for me from my usual pastels, eventhough they look pastelly 
here, they're not.
The girls are all out tomorrow at a church youth meal, so Aidan & I have treated ourselves to some sirloin steak, slurp.....can't wait. You know I was a veggie for years in college, but
now I'd put a grizzley to shame........
needless to say I won't neglect my Tae Bo next week.
We're off on Hols in four weeks so I should really watch it.

Anyway after all that rambling I want to wish you all a wonderful weekend 
Have fun, be happy & blessed
Lots of love Karen xxxxxxx


  1. Oh my goodness! These cupcakes are too gorgeous! I would not be able to resist! And love your grannies!

  2. WOW!!! They wouldn't last for more than 5 minutes in my house - we have major OREO love here!! Have a lovely day tomorrow xx

  3. I took two of the cupcakes, Karen! Yum yum, pig's bum! They look fantastic. I've been meaning to look for a pn Oreo cupcake recipe cos I love them. Have a lovely weekend. Xx

  4. Did someone say butter cream? Wow honey they look absolutely amazing!!!!!! Will most definitely add that recipe to my collection.

    Your blanket looks lovely - can't wait to see it grow.
    Have a fab week,

  5. KAREN!!!! AGH!!!!! what are you doing to me??????? I'm with your girls. I am gaining weight just looking at these pictures!!! But I am off to check out the recipe YUM!!! Happy hooking and have a lovely dinner with your hubby! xoxo Debbie

  6. Oh my oh my yes what delicious cakes i could eat the whole lot xxx

  7. Oh! I am glad I'm not dieting right now because I just put on 10 lbs LOOKING at those cuppycakes! Gotta love anything with an OREO in it!
    You're blanket is off to a lovely start. I love the magenta tone you have chosen!

  8. WOW you have been busy sewing, sewing, sewing. What better way to be rewared than by eating some of the dilish cup cakes. I bet though all gone now! :)
    Enjoy a restful weekend,
    Anne xx

  9. Thanks I really enjoyed that bit of deliciousness!