Monday, 5 March 2012

Done at long, long last!!!!!

Wah Heyyyyyyy.........
I finally got the finger out & finished my blue & white quilt!!!
Now I'm still very much a novice to quilting so its pretty basic, I did however try some 
fancy footwork with the quilting.

Its the biggest quilt I've done yet & oh my word I will never, ever, ever, ever again
attempt to free motion this size one again :) NEVER!!!!!!!!

Here's a few pics

Tell you what, I'm a happy chicken right now, so glad to be done on this one.
Next up is something with these beauties.....

Aren't they simply Yum, i cannot wait to start into these, one of my fav fabric collection
Freshcut by Heather Bailey.
Just recently re released, I've always loved this bunch of fabrics & just couldn't believe my luck.
Made a very basic quilt for Bethany with this collection before & also a pretty dress for Ella
so now I'm thinking another quilt made up of these granny squares i've seen on so many quilt blogs,
like this one on Blue Elephant Stitches.
Stayed tuned........!!!!!!!!

Thats my bit for the day, love to you all, have a sweet evening
Lots of love Karen xxxxxxxx

ps Will pick a winner for the giveaway on Wed, still time to enter x


  1. Your quilt is beautiful! My mother makes quilts, but I have never tackled any, but I do appreciate all the hard work that is put into making them!


  2. It turned out beautifully! All the hard work was totally worth it. Blue and white is just so crisp, isn't it?? Reminds me of the beach somehow.....

  3. Can't believe you class yourself as a novice quilter! This is so beautiful and must've taken an age to do all that quilting! Very effective but I just don't have the patience for all that manoeuvring of big bits of fabric!!

  4. Your quilt is beautiful Karen ...I love the fresh blue and white combination...and your new Heather Bailey fabrics are lovely...I will look forward to seeing your new project!
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Susan x

  5. Your machine quilting is awesome. It's hard to believe it's your first attempt. Keep on quilting. Your work is lovely and your colors are serene. I'm so tempted to buy some Freshcut. In fact, I think that's where I'm headed right now! Deb.

  6. Your quilt looks beautiful,Karen,hope you are keeping well?lots of love,xxx

  7. Karen your quilt is divine, you must be delighted with it, so much work!
    I've awarded you the Liebster blog award pop over to my blog to learn more about it! Sue

  8. Your quilt is so sweet. :o)
    What a beautiful job you did!!

  9. Oh good for you! I have yet to attempt free motion quilting on a big quilt. I have one ready to be quilted, and seeing yours is making me feel brave enough to try it! Also like the binding you picked. xx Lynne

  10. I LOVE my new quilt Mommy :) thank youuuuuuu . . lovee you xxxxxx

  11. Wackydoo hon - that quilt is AMAZING! I do love a good patchwork quilt - now I have total and utter bed cover envy!

  12. Really like how you bound the blue and white checked quilt in a pink fabric. Really soft and lovely.