Thursday, 8 March 2012

Giveaway Winner

Hi there I've finally got round to picking a winner for my lil giveaway.
I know it was meant to be yesterday, but other things came up
as they tend to, so
I went & got a random generator thing from somewhere online
put it in my side bar & hey presto got a legit winner!!!!
The correct number was there before I started
writing this post, & I just KNOW it'll be clear when I'm done
SOOOOOO I can't prove to you guys who it actually was, so I'm
begging please trust me on this one it was number 18.
(Wish I wasn't so twitty at computers, which by the way i need some advice on in a mo)........
Anyway no. 18 is a real sweetie Ms. Leah from Why didn't anyone Tell Me
 Congrats my friend :)

Here's a wee reminder of the prize


Yup I know its sideways, but I'm all over the place trying to get this up :(

Here's a fun song to go with it......Enjoy

Now some help pretty do I put a button in my side bar without a HTML code.
I've joined two flickr groups & cannot find a way to put up the link buttons as there is no code, at least i cant find on. If this is not making sense dont worry, I'm kinda stumped too........HELP!!!

Anyhoo hope yawlll have a sweet evening & congrats again to Leah.
Oh yes I'm up to 93 followers yahhhh maybe 100 soon eh!!! 
Lots of love Karen


  1. Congrats to Leah. I'm glad someone lovely won!!
    If there's no html, I think you just go to add picture when you're in design, and then enter the url for the page you want to add the picture from, and it will show all pis on that page, and you just select. That may be totally wrong!!
    Sorry if it is! :-)

  2. Yippee! Thank you so very much Karen!!!! I am beyond excited to be your winner. I adore all your makes and can't wait to be the proud new owner of your beautiful goodies. Thank you again gorgeous girl. As for the technical question ... well I'm afraid I'm absolutely no help whatsoever. It took me three weeks to work out how to put one of my little photos on my sidebar - with no code required! Best of luck!! Have a fab weekend.

  3. Congratulations to Leah...such a lucky lady!
    For your links....I save the image then load it up by clicking picture under gadgets on Blogger layout...there is a place there in the box to add the url of the page you are linking to...and I copy and paste it in the box....then when you click on the pic it will take you to the page...I hope that's useful Karen!
    Hope you are having a lovely week,
    Susan x

  4. I'm having the same problem trying to load a button. I first tried to copy the button and then paste to my blogger gadget for HTMl, but it only takes the code and not the picture of the button. Grrrrr. I need to get my sister to help me. If I learn something I will let you know. Oh yeah, and way to go Leah, you lucky duck!

  5. Hi Karen,
    That video of the Gaither Vocal Band is a familiar site. My son loves Mark Lowry, we have watched hours of these with him. Also back in College spring of 1990 (Liberty University) I was in Concert Choir. For Easter Sunrise service that year we and every other LU singing group plus Old time Gospel Hour choir joined the Gaither Trio (Or Vocal band). I didn't meet them personally but those are some special memories. However, at that very same time my Husband (then Fiance?)and I were on"the outs". I was miserable, I found him standing with some friends waay across the other side of the stadium - looking like I felt (Young eyesight).
    Well look what you got, me on a sentimental ramble.
    Sorry I'm probably worse than you about this tech. stuff. I cannot help you,I better take note of some of the other commenters' advice myself.
    Visited Foxglove Lately? Her nature photos are just --poetry--that's it!

  6. Call me vain but I put up a new profile photo. I thought it was about time my blog friends had a picture of my face.

  7. Hi Karen,

    Just left you an award on my blog, so pop around to collect it!

    Celeste x

  8. Congratulations to the lucky winner! Your giveaway is beautiful, and as I won an earlier one you did, I know how perfectly you make things too!
    Hope someone can solve your IT issues...sadly not me as I have them too!
    Have a lovely weekend, Karen.
    Helen x

  9. Hey Karen! I love the song you posted here. If you want more happy than your heart can hold ... Take whatever you have and give it away. The harmonizing in the middle of the song is so beautiful!

    Congrats to Leah on winning your wonderful giveaway.

    I am unable to change my blog list or gadgets on my blog. Whatever changes blogger has been making over the months has caused problems for sure.

    Hope all is well. Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

  10. Congratulations to Leah,such a lovely giveaway. Wishing you a happy St patricks day,today Karen.have a lovely juliexoxoxo

  11. Oh no, I don't know how I missed your giveaway, what lovely prizes!

    Come and check out the giveaway I've got on my blog, there's a couple of days left before it's drawn.