Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Oh I am pleased to be able to say, that I have completed this blanket.
I started this a year ago...........really!!!!!
One whole year to hook up a blanket, pitiful.
Seriously though, I've put this down far too often & a month ago 
finally got my act together, to put this together.

I had wanted to use up all my colours & decided on this easy pattern for it.
May be easy, but all those wee squares can be a bit mundane after 
a while. Now though, I'm a happy chicken, cause I did it,
I brought the project to completion.

Did use a lot of my colours, but still have loads left. Used more cream than 
anything else, I do love cream in a blanket.
It seems to soften even the sharpest colours.

This will blend in anywhere in my house, but I might just keep it as a pressie
for someone special in the future.............MIGHT!!!

Thought to have it tah dahed last week, but the border drove me to distraction.
I wanted a real nice finish on it cause I think it 
deserved to be finished well.
Tried two different borders before finally settling with this.
A lot of frogging went on & other things "not to be mentioned".
This came about through pure chance & I really do 
like its simplicity, though it took three evenings to work up.
 So at last TAH DAHHHHHH!!

So now its on to other things, I couldn't touch anything else all of 
last week until I had done with my blankie

I love you dear blanket, you've been a constant companion these last two months
On now to bridesmaid dresses, fabrics have arrived & today 
I start drafting pattern blocks....JOY!!!!
This evening, a new crochet project, prob another blanket.
Can't have too many.
 Seriously though, they just about look good anywhere.
See you soon
Thanks for popping by
Karen xxxxxx


  1. Love the blanket and what a good idea to use cream with the other colours as it really does make it look so cosy x

  2. Oh it's so beautiful. I love the pattern. I know what you mean about the simple motifs becoming quite boring to make after a while, but the overall effect is gorgeous.......utterly gorgeous. And you are right, you can never have enough blankets!

    Have a super rest of a week!

    Vanessa xxxxxx

  3. What a lovely blanket, yes using the cream shade really brings out the other colours & your right - you can never have too many blankets.

  4. Beautiful! Love all the cream. Good luck with the dresses. xx

  5. Beautiful work Karen. Well done in seeing it through to the end. Ur reward is a beautiful blanket!! Njoy.

  6. Oh so beautiful!! I can feel your happiness on the page. It is definitely something to be happy with and very proud of. I love cream in a blanket too. I can see that you put a lot of work and hours into this. TOTALLY worth it! *applause-applause*

  7. Beautiful blanket! Lovely colours!

  8. Your blanket looks beautiful, I love the way you have joined the squares and the pretty border....it is gorgeous!
    Happy week!
    Helen xox

  9. Beautiful blanket Karen, the colours are really stunning and the cream is a perfect neutral. Big hugs, love Margie ❤️

  10. Hi, I love your craft, is beauty, I love a colors, I follow your blog, hugs from Brazil.
    Visit my blog - Tita Carré - crochet

  11. What a lovely blanket! Those little squares are just the sweetes!
    Great colours, too.
    Wishing you a happy weekend,
    Sarah xx