Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas Decoration Swap!!!!!

Hi there, can't believe its been almost two weeks since my last post, I guess time kinda runs away
from you at this time of year!!!!!
I received my lovely Christmas decoration swap pressies last week, i was trying 
to hold off until mine had reached its destination but i was a bit slow on having it ready, so here goes mine!!
My swap partner is a sweet lady from Wales called Julie, if you're not familiar with her blog, do go check it out, i promise you'll absolutely love it.........A Tale From a Toadstool House.
Sooo here's what i received, goosebumps while opening up the parcel.........

Beautiful Christmassy wrapping, just the way i love it, thank you Julie for the extra effort in the pretty packaging, its real special :D

Such an array of beautiful gifts, every new unwrapping was just way too nice......
I received a sweet lavender heart in festive colors, its now in a place of prominance in my living you in a sec........
Really pretty bracelet in one of my fav colors... lavender :D
A cupcake diary that Ella has been begging for since she saw it (no way, i draw the line), the cutest Cath Kidson needle book & a seasonal cross stitch which i'm si thrilled with as i've been stitching a wee bit of late.
Also two Yankee candles in my all time fav scents (thank you, thank you, thank you xxxx)
Cute crochet tree decoration, beautiful, & the main attraction the sweetest patchwork tree ever....its got lil bells on it, so every time i open my hall door they tinkle tee hee, i love it!!!

Julie also include this lil merry christmas sign, ain't it adorable & an advent card which by the way Julie i look forward to opening each day, every wee flap has a scripture behind it, a true blessing Xxxx
By the way before i forget there was a bar of chocolate also, but i ate that while opening
the other gifts.....I know no self control heh heh!!!

The heart on my living room table, its just my kinda thing, looks real nice with the stitched picture.
Julie i'm so happy with my lovely gifts, you're the best Xx

This week i've started my decorating, at last......

This is as far as it goes so far.....what do you think of my sugar bowl & milk jug... cute eh!!!
Bargain at three euro, had to have them!!!!

A bargain Christmas plate & one of a few cushions that are coming from my sewing machine on the run up to the big day....lots more to come this week...when i'm finished painting my doors!!
Tree will go up within the next few days in between cookie baking....

She's a great cookie baker, specially in her new apron... which by the way i have to reproduce for her fav doll...matching mommy makes!!!
Now i'm absolutely dying for another cookie with some hot choc, so i'll bid you Adieau!!! (is that the correct spelling?)
Hope you all have a sweet evening, do leave a comment if you drop by, i love reading each one
Lots of love Karen Xxxxxxxx


  1. A 'gorgeous' post Karen, full of beautiful things. Your daughter is so cute and looks like she makes some delish cookies :) You have been a busy girl once again.
    x Sandi

  2. Love your decorations- they look great!!
    The problem with being on the other side of the world and reading all your blogs first thing in the that I often end up, as today, wanting hot chocolate and cookies, after reading about them here :)
    It's 6:25AM here, is it too soon for a hot choc and a bikky????

  3. Hi Karen! YAY for all the awesome swap goodies, how fun!!! I adore your daughter's cute apron! She is destined for great cookie baking :) Happy Day!!

  4. Wow look at all that Christmassy goodness! I love your festive banner - it's fabulous! Look at your gorgeous baker - doesn't she look so professional. Can't wait for mine to be old enough to bake treats for their old mum! Have a fab week hon.

  5. Hello Karen...Such a lovely festive post here!....Your lovely gift swap pretties from Julie must have been so much fun to open and everything is beautiful...I just love your festive cushion too and your little 'cookie baker' looks adorable in her pretty apron and the cookies...the best ever!...
    Susan x
    P.S Love your bargain finds too!

  6. lovely gifts and beautifully wrapped xx

  7. Hi Karen, lucky you! Christmas arrived a bit early at your place. So many wonderful gifts. The cookie baking looks like fun. Sure would love to have one of those right about now. Guess we'll do some baking around here this weekend. :) Happy rest of the week to you. Tammy

  8. This post is just full of Christmas spirit! Have fun baking and decorating!

  9. Such a lovely bright and Christmassy post, Karen! I love all the gorgeous goodies that Julie sent to you and the lovely packaging too. I also love that wonderful red and white bauble cushion you made! All your decorations are so pretty, and your little cookie baker in her apron is just the cutest!
    Have a wonderful time!
    Helen x

  10. Christmas has come to your blog early, what lovely things you have. Just found your blog and looking at your amazing posts you are so talented. I really enjoyed my visit. hope you have a wonderful day.

    Always Wendy