Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Loving the run up

I am soooooooo loving the run up & preparation to Christmas this year!!!
I think its because i'm not working round the clock with sewing blinds & curtains for the first time in 
about ten years. Of course it means less money, but that seems very unimportant as i'm just loving having the time to MAKE pressies for loved ones, so i guess it all evens out in that way.
Put up the tree & decorations at the weekend, oh boy did Ella enjoy that....she's become quite 
the expert at it over the last few Christmas's

Its a special day, decorating the house for Christmas, we had a lovely family time, listening to carols & later watching movies & stuffing our faces with chocolate treats & cookies & cream icecream.....

I've had these ornaments for years & never tire of them, each was a pressie from different friends!!

We put candles & wreaths around the house, it looks a treat.... photographs never truly seem 
to capture the atmosphere but its sooooo sweet!!

Love my seasonal cushions, so simple but just right for now!!!
You know I'm sure i haven't finished yet, needs some more twinkly lights & candy canes :D
Will share as i add......oh i am in happy form with all this christmasy cuteness.

Also over the last week I've finished a stitching project that i began .............wow maybe eight or 
nine years ago. I did a little bit then & forgot all about it, but then rooted it out two weeks ago & just had this mad urge to finish it
Here's a peek, i finished it today, so need to frame it

Sorry bout the blurry pics.............this is the first cross stitch picture I've done & loved it.
As I've said so many times i have zero patience, so was reluctant to stitch as it is a craft i think requires a not so impatient crafter such as me............but hey i got there & lo & behold enjoyed it quite a lot....in fact I'm desperate to do another.
Will post a proper image when its framed, just in time for to hang for the festivities!!!

Oh before i go i have to show you my Christmas tea cups & saucers

They're just well cute, got them on sale after Christmas two years ago...BARGAIN
I hate paying full price, can't afford to anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 And my first mince pies this years....way too yum.........

served with whipped cream flavoured with a touch of Tia Maria......SWEET!!!!
Did I say "I LOVE CHRISTMAS"......oh i did.... ah well I'll say it again anyway
Toodles for now :D
Lots of love Karen Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hi Karen.
    Love your header! It looks wonderful. :o)
    All your decorations and relaxed attitude beckon me to a snuggly quilt and warm cup of coffee. :o) Isn't the pace so much nicer when things slow down?
    I have never eaten minced pie. Yours looks delicious.
    Tonight is cream of broccoli soup for our family and I tried a new recipe for bread sticks. Oh yum! :o)
    Have a lovely week. hugs. Trish

  2. Merry Christmas Karen!! It's all so much fun and I look forward to it every year!! Your house looks so festive and cozy, and your tree decorating day sounds like it was perfect! Are the mince pies more like a cookie? They sound delicious!!

  3. Beautiful Christmas pictures, Karen! I enjoyed each one, everything looks so perfectly festive! We have started on the mince pies here too now....mmm yummy aren't they?? Have a wonderful week in your pretty, cosy home and enjoy all your preparations.
    Helen x

  4. I LOVE your Christmas cups and saucers- co cute!!!!!!!!

  5. Can we ever get enough twinkle lights put out for Christmas? I always find myself wanting more. This is my husband and I's first Christmas together so everything feels extra special this Christmas. Glad you are able to take some time off and just enjoy the preparations this year. Happy day to you!

  6. Everything looks amazing and very full of the spirit of Christmas. I get excited just like you do. I love the few weeks leading up to Christmas, there is nothing better!

  7. What a great Christmassy post! You seem so happy and excited! Keep enjoying!!!!!!!!!! Mandy :)

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