Monday, 21 November 2011

Got to pick up the pace!!!!!!

Hi there its been a while....I've got to admit i've done sooooo little over the past two weeks.
I think maybe i overdid things a wee bit after  my op & just had to slow down, not something i relish, i do like to keep going, keep busy, create, make stuff & things & have lots to do.......blah, blah ..........!!!!
You know what i mean...............don't you??????????????
So i really don't have much to show for the last two weeks :(

I did find a lil treasure in our thrift shop though. I've been wanting a lamp for my kitchen for some time now, but had a wee space problem out there, no where to put one. Then i spotted this....

Yeah great right!!!!
First things first, a coat of white paint, i've done one, it eagerly awaits the second.
Off with that brown covering on the shade, pick a pretty color & viola

Thats it so far.....the best thing though is its a wall mounted lamp that can be pulled in or out over my little kitchen table, where i intend to fix it once its finished.
Will post a pic when its done.
Can't believe what fresh paint & cute fabric does to an otherwise discarded old treasure!!
Will love the atmosphere it 'll create as i'm not a big lover of bright overhead lights.

Have been doing a small amount of crafting....some christmas decorations, nothing to write home about but an attempt nonetheless!!!!! Have a peek.....

I am part of a christmas decoration swap with Julie at A Tale From a Toadstool House & i'd really want to get my 'you know what' in gear.
Tomorrow :D
Right now its time for ...............


And a lot of blog browsing for an hour or maybe even two :D
Toodles for now
Have a very sweet evening
Lots of love Karen Xxxxxxxxxx


  1. Ooooh lovely ornies and I love the look of your hot choc. I must admit I have been getting a little addicted to those at the minute. I have the mint one with cream. Yummmm.. x

  2. Sounds like you've got tomorrow all planned out. :) Good luck! That lamp makeover is wonderful. And all your creations are lovely. Hope you are well. Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Oooooh that lampshade is so pretty! :)

  4. Only managed a bit of crafting?!!!!!
    Mrs, you have been seriously busy.
    Love it all.
    Spesh'ly that gorgeous lamp. Looking forward to seeing it finished!
    Have a great week.

  5. Love the lampshade- looks so pretty now

  6. Wow that lamp is turning out great! And I love all the little crafty decorations. Take care xx

  7. Well for someone who has not been busy there are quite a few makes in this post. What a great idea with your lamp, love the material. That hot choc/coffee...well the cream on top looks delish :)
    Take care you.
    x Sandi

  8. Yummy - your eve drink looks delicious! Loving all your makes, how clever is your lamp idea! Cant wait to see the final photo. Hope slowing down has re-charged your energy levels. Take care. Mandy x

  9. Love the lamp ,Karen. Just you slow down and take it easy, Love the christmas decorations you've made.That hot chocolate looks yummy ,hope you have a restful week,love juliexxx