Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Ripple Effect

Thought i'd pop in & post a lil update on my ripple blanket which i have to say I am getting so much  pleasure from. Its gotta be the most soothing, relaxing, easy flow crochet blanket ever....
I'm on 35 rows, don't know yet how big to make it, so i'm gonna keep going till I get bored or until it reaches a fairly good size, whichever comes first :D

I am finding the colors so gentle & dreamy, its got to be a bedroom throw when its finished!!!
I find myself being tempted to add more color, but it'll ruin that lightness, so lilacs, purple, lavender & pink will make up the main stay of colors in this!!!

My absolute favorite monthly magazine has been read & admired from cover to cover this weekend, the christmassy cuteness & inspiration is enough to keep your creative cells ticking over for at least another month.

Country Homes & Interiors, Christmas edition.........isn't the cover sweet, i think i love everything to do with Christmas, it really is a big part of our year here in the Cassidy house!!!

Aren't they just simply beautiful images......Oh oh oh i can't wait. Roll on December....!!!
Roll on Christmas trees, turkey, pudding,  family time, Christmas morning service.... oh i just love it all!!
Well maybe i should calm down a wee bit & say toodles for now.
Again thank you for all your sweet comments & love
Have a wonderful week
Lots of love Karen Xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. The throw is perfect. You're right the colors are so calming. Did you post the pattern? I'd love to get one started. Have a wonderful day, Patty

  2. It's looking beautiful Karen, lovely pretty colours! x

  3. I am loving your ripple blanket! The colours are really to my taste. I am glad that you are enjoying this project so much too. Bye for now, Mandy x

  4. Such a yummy ripple blanket, Karen! Those colours are delicious! I have just arrived back with the same magazine in my shopping bag! (Also, just wanted to say I am using the little pin cushion you made me while working on a sewing project today that needs LOTS of pins!) Have a good week.
    Helen x

  5. Love your ripple effect and the images from the magazine. Everyone's now talking about Christmas, so it's probably time to start shopping for presents...

    Lovely blog. Best Regards, Kristina

  6. Karen, I am really loving your ripple colors!

  7. Dreamy is the perfect description for those colours- just beautiful!!

  8. Lovely, lovely ripple blanket in such pretty colours Karen. Thanks for sharing your progress.
    Anne xx

  9. Ooooooh your ripples are beautiful! I love the colours you are using - so very pretty. I am definitely going to have to make another one once I finish the current one and I will use yours as inspiration. It is a lovely pattern to follow isn't it? Although I do have to concentrate more as I've had to undo quite a few rows where I've stuffed it up!!!

    Have a fab week hon.

  10. Your ripple blanket is beautiful,Karen,I love the colours,theyre so pretty. Country homes is my favourite magazine too,I love the Christmas issue.I'm getting a wee bit excited now too!take care,love julie.xxx

  11. Oh wow, I love your ripple blanky! Those colors really are stunning, good job! :)

  12. Your crochet blanket is looking so lovely Karen...and the colours combine beautifully...
    I am a Country Homes and Interiors fan too...I always love everything...and am getting a bit too excited about Christmas...I just can't help it...I love making all the preparations...
    Hope the rest of your week is a good one,
    Susan x

  13. I love the creamy white in between the colors. Very pretty!