Thursday, 3 November 2011

Okay So Whats Next..........................???

Hi there was gonna wait till tomorrow to post these new pics, but i thought hey anything could crop up, soooo I'm gonna Tah Dah the finished blanket now................... Hope you like, this is probably my favorite of my own blankets so far, although i have to say there are some blankets out there in blogland that i would (maybe) give my eye teeth for!!!!!

I love this though, am def chuffed & yes its staying putt, not sure where to use it but it'll be somewhere in my own home :D
Eventually did decide to go with a simple border & i am glad i did, something fancy & flowery would have been gross

One round single crochet in dusty pink, three rows of cream shells, one round of turquoise, single crochet again & last round in blue...........finito!!!!
So on to something new, i've been dying to join in on the ripple hook along & got stuck in today

I'm about 13 rows in now, took this shot at 8 rows. Was taking the snap on my coffee table  next to this wee glass paper weight & thought don't they look sweet together, so being all creative & all that & also cause I'm so excited bout my new photoscape learning i decided cute mosaic.
Rippling is so relaxing, you just sit & chill & let the ripples flow, blissful hooking, no stress just ripple......ripple.....ripple......heh heh sounds like ice cream ( in ireland we have an icecream called ripple, just in case you think that statement sounded too weird)

Thanks once again for all your lovely comments, always love reading them "a lot"
By way of thanks i want to give you guys a giggle. This is a link from my daughters Sophie's Blog, I read it yesterday & cracked up from laughing, do read it you'll have a laugh!!!!

Ps A few people have asked about the roses pattern, i got it from Nikki Trench's book Cute & Easy Crochet. Would love to post the pattern but am not sure if thats allowed, will def check it out to see if it would be ok.
Have a lovely evening
Lots of love Karen xx


  1. Your blanket is gorgeous Karen, not surprised you are going to be keeping it! Loving your ripple too, the colours you've chosen work so well together xx

  2. Your blanket is beautiful, and your ripple looks amazing! I really need to learn to ripple- I'm so envious of all these beautiful ripple blankets being made.
    Also,loved your daughters blog- you're right, it made me laugh.

  3. WOW Karen, you are a crochet machine, I'm sure of it! :) Your blanket is beautiful, such pretty colours. And now you've started a ripple which is looking equally as gorgeous.
    I read your daughter's post, very funny.
    Have a wonderful day,
    Anne xx

    (as always, hon)
    I love the colours you chose for this blanket, and your simple border looks just perfect.

  5. I really like your blanket, the added flowers and border are beautiful. That ripple is looking good too!

  6. The blanket is lovely, such gorgeous colours.

  7. Congrats on the completion of your yummy blanket. It really is superb! Glad you keeping it so you can enjoy it lots over the winter time. Good luck with the ripple blanket. I am sure it will be as lovely as all your work. Have a good weekend. Mandy x

  8. Karen!!!!! that blanket is divine, divine I tell ya. I have that book, just shows how much notice I take :( Your daughters blog post was very funny, what a great sense of humour (bit like her mum me thinks) Ireland is on my list of visits too.
    xx Sandi
    Hope all is well with you.

  9. Your new blanket is just gorgeous, Karen!! The colours and textures and the beautiful roses! They remind me of sugar roses especially in those sweet colours. And your new ripple is looking delicious.(Btw, Your daughter's post was sooo funny!)
    Have a happy weekend.
    Helen x

  10. Apsalutely loving your blanket it is soooo gorgeous ,colourfull,pretty and it looks so warm and snuggly ,your very clever xx

  11. Your blanket is so gorgeous!! Love it! The ripple is going to look great too... I keep dreaming of making a ripple blanket - one day!
    Maria x

  12. Love your blanket! Every time I finish a blanket I tell myself "this is my favorite one" :) hehe
    but yours is truly beautiful!
    Your ripple is looking stunning already too!

  13. I LOVE your blanket, the colours and patterns work just perfectly. So glad to have visited today :) Catherine x

  14. Hi Karen , thank you so much for your comments. I LOVE your latest blanket ...sooooo pretty . Can't wait to see more of your ripple .
    Jacquie x

  15. I have seen lots of gorgeous blankets but yours is by far the most stunning I've ever laid eyes on! I love everything about it, the colours, the patchwork look and especially those flowers. AMAZING!!! I have utter blanket envy right now. Have a fab week hon.

  16. Love it! It is perfect! It is the white solids that does the trick. Making the colored grannies stick out. And I love that you have mixed in some earthy colors with the pastels. Really beautiful. ♥♥♥ Annette