Tuesday, 1 November 2011

On the Home Stretch......

Hi there, well after a week of rest & recuperation i'm well on the road to full recovery. I'd just like to thank every one of you for such kind wishes & sweet comments that you left on my blog, really cheered me & lifted my spirits sooooooooooooooo very much!!!! 
Dear Trish how sweet it would be to have you live nearby & to have a meal from you, such a blessing. xxxxxxxxxxxxx
This last week i've had lots of time for crochet & my autumn blanket is on the home stretch. It isn't as large as i had originally intended but hey as long as it covers me legs i'm sorted!!  Here's a peek at where it was at yesterday............................................

Its a cutie all right, lovely soft autumn colors & i do like the patch work effect the cream squares have given it. All thats left to do is finish the border, which i'm a wee bit unsure of, do i keep it simple or try my hand at something with real flair????????
I'll prob do a simple border, i'm a bit too lazy to go to the trouble of creating a big fancy in your face frill the whole way round the outside, anyway its gonna have roses sewn onto the plain squares so lets not make it too garish eh!!!!

The roses are so easy to do & quiet enjoyable as they are super quick & as i'm a pretty impatient crafter i do like fast makes, guess thats why sewing is my main crafty interest.
I've really begun to get the hang of playing around with my photo layouts as well, beth has shown me how to mosaic & re size & border in a basic way, but its a major achievement for a computer twit like me!!! Now that i have the basics, there'll be no stopping me :D
At the moment i'm using photoscape & paint, next up is photoshop, tee hee wish me luck.

This week i've been doing a lot of thinking about work & earning some dollars. My usual work, which i did from home was soft furnishings...... roman blinds, cushions, curtains......... but unfortunately the work has taken a serious nose dive, i guess in recession times having new made to measure blinds for your home is not a priority, so my wee brain was mulling over some options.
I've decided to open an Etsy shop on my blog to supplement the work i do get. What do you think, i'll be making bags, netbook carriers, little fabric souvenirs etc....
This morning i received some fabric i ordered from Quilt Home, what a thrill i get opening the parcel. the colors, the patterns, the feel & even the smell of the new fabric mmmmmmnnn

All these fabrics are from different lines by Dena Fishbein. She's a great designer, have used her fabrics before & was so thrilled to stock up on some more. Just look at the cute butterfly on this one

Anyway i will be stocking up the shop over the next week with bags mainly so do drop in & have a browse, some retail therapy is good for the complexion (so they say)!!!!! & wish me luck.

I've also been blog spotting a lot this week & enjoying every minute, there is so much talent & loveliness out there in blogland, & i have to say i feel priviledged to be able to count so many of you as friends Xx
Blogging has become such a joy, Thank You 
I'm gonna sign off now before i start blubbing & sniffling, so please have a sweet evening
Enjoy the rest of your week & have a cupcake on me.......well on Ella actually but i know she won't mind

Lots of love Karen Xxxxxxx


  1. Hello Karen,
    I'm so glad you are feeling better and recovering from you operation.
    Your autumn blanket is looking lovely and I'm sure whatever border you choose will look gorgeous.
    Opening a shop selling your bags sounds like a great idea. Your bags are so beautiful, I'm sure they will be snapped up as soon as you make them.
    Have a wonderful day,
    Anne xx

  2. Good luck with opening a shop, I am sure it will do brilliantly- your work is beautiful, and you love what you do, so that is always a magical combination!!!!!!!

  3. Yay on you feeling better! :) And I LOVE your afghan - it's just so perfect! :)
    ps I just opened up my Etsy shop, another yay!

  4. Glad you're feeling better.
    Even gladder (not a real word, I know!) that you're opening an etsy shop.
    LOVE those fabrics, too.
    Have a great week.

  5. Your blanket and roses look amazing! Glad to hear you are healing nicely. x

  6. So pleased you are making a good recovery hon! I am so in love with your blanket - it's stunning and I am still completely jealous!! Can't wait to pop by and look at your etsy shop - how fabulous. Take care. L x

  7. Those cupcakes look so delicious and your blanket is turning out beautiful. Are you going to do a tutorial on the crocheted flowers? Patty

  8. The blanket is going to be gorgeous. I love those fabrics, so pretty. The etsy shop is a great idea, good luck.

  9. So glad you feeling well on the mend. That blanket is scrumptious! Good luck with your Etsy shop! Will have a browse when it is open!
    Mandy x

  10. Hello Karen It's great you're feeling so much better. Your latest photos are amazing! I love your pretty blanket and all your delightful new fabrics. Good luck with your shop, I'm sure it will do really well! Have a happy day.
    Helen x

  11. Oh Karen, so good to see you posting (great photo mosaic) again and well in to your recovery, love the patchwork squares, and those cupcakes look yummy. Cant wait until you open the etsy shop, I know it will be a success. Big hugs, Margie.

  12. Oooh your blog looks so pretty. Glad you're on the mend! I think you would do great with an etsy shop and I love how your blanket is coming along. Take care :)

  13. Hello Karen...So lovely to hear that you are well on the mend now and planning to open your ETSY shop...I think you will have a great time on ETSY selling your beautiful handmades...a sure winner!...
    I love your crochet blanket...the colours are so pretty...beautiful fabric...and delicious looking cupcakes!..
    Susan x

  14. Aha! I found you! I went to blogspot, then typepad, then back here.. Have missed your blog and found it difficult to keep up on typepad so pleased you're back. I'll follow now. Off to catch up.

    Nicki xx

  15. Oh, I just know I would love to have a cuppa and a natter with you!! Your blanket is gorgeous, and where did you get the pattern for the roses?
    I am know your makes will sell well in your etsy shop so go for it :)
    xx Sandi

  16. Dear Karen,

    great that you are feeling better!
    And yes, please open an Etsy Shop you are so of great talent! I love the roses. May I ask you how you made these roses? I just finished a cap for my
    daughter. It is very simple made out of grew fleece. I am now searching for a highlight to grade up this cap.
    A crocheted rose might be a perfect match to the cap! But I am really amateur in croching! Thank you and kindest regards Nicole