Thursday, 17 May 2012

For the shop or not!!!!

A quick drop in this evening to show you my new bag.
I'm desperately trying to use up a mountain of good size scraps, 
just the excuse I need to give myself a push to stock up my Etsy shop

Hope the pics are clear, the light is a disaster at the moment.

Some nice hardware, curtesy of some old bags 

What cha think would the cute butterfly look good????
I made it for my holiday to Rome TOMORROW yeah!!!!!!!
But now I think I'll sell it instead, have a mountain of bags already, def do not need
another, so I'll sell !!!!!

Also this week we had a birthday in the house, Ella turned 9.
Oh my don't you sometimes wish you could keep them small forever.....
Still its a delight to see her grow & change & get prettier.
It was a lovely day

We took her & her wee friends out for pizza & then back home for 

Yummy brownie cake with buttercream & chocolate eggs yum!!!!

Birthday girl loved it, so did I.....

A lot.......
Any hoo this is gonna be a short post, more pics than chat, I'm still packing
for tomorrow, we are off to Italy for 10 days....Bliss :)
Lots of relaxation, eating, sight seeing, swimming.........& lots of fun
See you all in two weeks
Lots of love Karen xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Happy Birthday to your little one! Time does fly way too fast!!
    I adored Italy!!! Loved Rome! I have a dear friend in Ireland now for several weeks with her daughter. They are keeping a blog on their trip, and I feel like I am there!!!
    Have a wonderful time! Love the bags too!!

  2. That bag is gorgeous, it's always tricky isn't it we love what we make but we make too much! Enjoy your holiday. ♥

  3. Your bags are so lovely. And you are going to Rome!!! How exciting! That cake is making me hungry....better go get a snack!

  4. Your bag is great! Have fun in Rome!

  5. Have a wonderful trip!! Soak up the sun and eat lots of pasta!! And list those bags on etsy. Things that I almost didn't list ended up to be a big seller!! :) xoxo Debbie

  6. How lucky you are, hope you have a great trip!

    Fleur xx

  7. Happy 9th birthday to Ella!
    I love your bag Karen...the colours are are sure to find a buyer,
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday,
    Happy packing,
    Susan x

  8. Fabulous bag hon!!! And a big happy birthday to your lovely girl! My wee one turned five last week - they do grow too fast don't they!

    Have a truly fantastic adventure in Rome - I can't wait to see your holiday pics!!!!!


  9. Have a wonderful holiday Karen!! Look forward to hearing all about it :)
    Helen x

  10. Love the bags and although the cake looks lovely I think this is one time that a bag wins over chocolate cake!

  11. Hello Karen,
    bet you are having a fantastic time in Rome. The bags are smashing love the little butterfly....cakes smashing too but soo tempting :-)

    Amanda x