Monday, 26 November 2012

Scrappy, scrappy, scrappy

Hi there I'm popping in for a brief preview of a quilt in progress, I have four on the go for far too long, so I'm determined to make some serious inroads over the holiday period on them.
This is the first scrappy project I've ever done & I'm having fun with it, no real worries about matching colors & pattern, just chuck those scraps together...........well sort of!!!!

I've begun quilting..........machine of course in a very pale pink

The backing is a pretty print from Freshcut, I've had it for an age & this was the ideal project for it

I think I'll be putting a scrappy binding on, think it'll look good, reveal just round the corner :)
On the crochet side I've had to hang up my hooks for a while, my right hand has been so sore, so no more hookey for me ..............for a while at least Hmmmppp!!!!!!

Instead in the evening I've been stitching....enjoying it so much, though the slow pace is hard to get used to, slowing right down, easy does it, one lil cross stitch at a time, relaxing though

This is a sampler I bought way back in January, its huge.....gonna take an age to do it!!!!
I think I may have been a wee bit over ambitious when I purchased this one but I've always wanted a beautiful cross stitch sampler on my wall, I'm determined to do it, might take years but I'll get there.

Time to pick up the hoop & teeney tiny needle for the evening. Thank you for visiting me here at my4lilgirls, please do leave a comment, I feel so encouraged by your thoughts & opinions.
Have a sweet evening
Talk again soon Karen x


  1. Your scrappy quilt is GORGEOUS!! Love all the fabrics, they look so great together! makes me want to stroke it and give it a squidge! Really looking forward to seeing it finished :) Cross stitch looks lovely too! x x x

  2. Love the colours in that quilt - looking forward to the reveal!
    Maria x

  3. Your quilt is just gorgeous! Love all the fun prints. Great work!

  4. Scrappy quilts are so satisfying - and your looks wonderful!