Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Still here!!!!!

Yep I'm still here, neglecting my poor blog, but in fairness I have been a busy lil woman......making costumes for Bethany. She's big time into anime conventions, so muggins gets to put the costumes together.
K lets have a look........ FANG (thats the name of the character, final fantasy......I believe)

Thats her......she made that amazing weapon herself (harmless of course).
Now Fang was relatively simple to do, but this next one .....Tifa was a wee bit more detailed (final fantasy again)

I like this costume the best, tha back is a cape of pleated satin, looks real good on beths.
The third one almost wrecked my head, I had to do this in a day for her...........gggrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Before you ask Nooooooooo its not a sexy french maid type thing, I know it has all the hallmarks but it is indeedy a character from some anime thing again. I wish the photo was better as there was an awful amount of detail in this........Any hoo after all that we saved almost three hundred euro by making these ourselves.
Most of the costumes cost between one & two hundred a pop........... whoa what a waste :)!!!!!!
She's already planning her next two....I'm dreading it !!!!!

On a completely different note I ordered this....

What a lovely book, it arrived in the post today & I simply couldn't wait to have a go at one or two of the blocks, especially as I've seen so many beautiful Farmers wife's quilts online in recent months
What do you think.................
So proud of my points, think its the first time I've gotten them almost perfect
Sorry about the bad color, lights awful at the moment, stupid Irish climate :(
I'm chuffed, however I know I picked pretty easy ones .....think I'll give this a go next
Just look at all those points, what a challenge....I love a challenge

Well thats all the updates for now, have been missing your blogs so I'm off now for an hour of blog browsing
Have a sweet evening y'all Lots of love Karen x


  1. Hello Karen The costumes you made are so effective! What a great talent you have to be able to make them instead of buying them!
    I'm glad you're enjoying the farmer's wife quilt book....your new blocks look lovely :)
    Helen x

  2. Hello stranger, was wondering what you have been up to. Gosh you are such a great seamstress. Lucky girls to have such a creative mum.
    xx Sandi

  3. You are a sewing wizard! Those costumes are amazing. I bet your daughter really appreciates your talents.
    Oooh Farmers Wife! Now we're talking. Looking forward to seeing all your blocks.
    lynne xx

  4. Ooh those blocks are gorgeous! And very neat points! That book looks like HOURS of sewing machine fun :)
    Karen xx

  5. Fabulous costumes! And beautiful Farmer's Wife blocks. Love your fabrics......and of course, your perfect points.

  6. Goodness, those a genius! You are one talented lady :)

    S x

  7. Your quilt's going to be beautiful. Love the fabrics you're using. xx