Tuesday, 15 January 2013

For Bethany

For the last two days & probably for the next two days I have been & will be working on yet another cosplay costume for my girl (beths). This is a pretty complex design, so I'm looking forward to putting my wee feet up this evening & hooking up another row in this NEW crochet project.....gosh you'd think I'd finish what I have already but this was in my heart & just wouldn't go away. I've done one row, number two tonight :)

Its gonna be just pastels, sweet & marshmallowy................yeah that about describes the colors.
I have had this vision of a beautiful huge pastelly blanket on my bed for years, so here goes, fingers crossed as I tend to chicken out at small blanket stage & stick a border on for a tah dah, but I'm desperate for this one to grace my double bed............ will need lots of cheering on :).
And here's a preview of the costume....bad lighting so the colors are off but it gives you an idea of how it looks :) ................kind of !!!!!!

She made the jewellery bits herself, can't wait to finish, will prob have to wait for a decent photo from her, after the cosplay convention at the weekend.
Sooooooo its hooking, put the feet up, girls are making brownies , movie time!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you have a lovely evening too
Lots of love Karen xxxxxx


  1. Oh Karen, it will be lovely...enjoy your time, with your feet up...I am doing the same!

  2. enjoy... very lovely..

  3. Beautiful colours! Making me want to eat sweets! :) x

  4. beautiful colors..love it..