Saturday, 19 January 2013

Quilts & Hearts

A sweet friend of ours is due her fifth baby in the next few days, she's at the last frustrating stage of wondering is it ever going to happen???????
Any one else remember that feeling.....whoa I certainly do as I was overdue with all four of mine.
Seriously I was not a joy to be around, my poor husband was THE MOST patiently abused man ever (I jest of course), but it is a tense time.
So a baby quilt is on the way, I really think handmade gifts are so special & as they are a pretty special family I had to get cracking fairly fast!!!!!!
Don't know the sex so fairly neutral colours in a simple scrappy stripe pattern

I'm not sure whether to add a border or keep it simple, am thinking a light sweet green colour????

Went shopping this morning for wadding & some backing fabric, got a cute light blue gingham, babyish I think, hope to finish it this weekend, I'll post it on Monday hopefully.
She doesn't know about my bloggy space so it'll be safe to post.

I am getting so much use from my scraps, its a lot of fun & real thrifty, a must these days.
Also, I have caught the heart bug over the past week, valentine's just around the corner, & our wedding anniversary, & I have to say I am totally besotted with my sweet guy :)
Here's a peek at the beginning of what I hope will be a lavishly, full of hearts, Feb

Some pretty trims (got more this morning) & an unstuffed work in progress (just remembered I forgot to buy the filling grrrr). I'll just have to wait & fill more next week, cause I am gonna make lots :)
Actually there's a beautiful crochet heart tutorial over at Attis 24,  a gorgeous heart made by Lucy & a link for the pattern, absolutely lovely.
Am thinking some of those too.................!!

Other lil hearts at home, might try counting the hearts I have hanging around the house, would be funny to know how many I have obsessively made over the years, I do so love hearts,
Sophie & Bethany were at Lauren's place a few weeks back & decided to count the cupcakes she has collected (cupcakes are her thing) I think they totted up 126 including motifs....cute!!!!!

One last heart, this is the latest heart I received from one of  my quilt bee friends, perfect.
I sat & admired it endlessly while sipping tea & munching on some homemade by Sophie cookies YUM!!!!
Ohhhhhhhh just noticed there's a wee heart on the mug too, never spotted that before.....ok nuff about hearts, they are sweet though :)  !!!!!

Well my friends I hope you all have a wonderful weekend
thank you so much for dropping by & reading my endless waffle :)
Lots of love Karen xxxxx


  1. Hi Karen, quilting is on my agenda also for today...a slight break from my crocheting days...I love how you placed your squares, I haven't made up my mind yet just how mine will go...a lot of cutting going on today
    Have a lovely weekend, Shari

  2. Hi Karen. Love the quilt! Can't wait to see the rest!!!
    Hugs and kisses,

  3. Your baby quilt is looking so beautiful. Lucky baby and mum to be. I think it's wonderful that you are making a quilt for baby number five. Usually it's all hand-me-downs by then, so nice for a new baby to have something new.

    Anne xx

  4. Love your quilt, I think I might need to buy some white fabric and have a go at making one myself! :) x

  5. lovely lovely hearts! x

    i have been crochetting up lots and lots! garlands galour!x

  6. Hi Karen...I hope you've had a great start to the new year!...I love your baby quilt and the colours are so pretty. I can't think of a more perfect gift. It will be treasured (I was lucky with my girls by the way...early each time!)
    Love your hearts...I'm thinking I'll do some more heart making myself next week...It seems quite a while since I've made any...inspired by the thought of Valentine's Day!
    Hope you have a great week,
    Susan x

  7. You are such a lovely friend, so generous. I love hearts too and have the odd one or two around.
    xx Sandi