Thursday, 17 April 2014

On the way

Well got finished with the baby stuff last night & its on the way to Perth as we speak.
Isn't it funny how things always seem to take longer than you expect to finish. I had hoped to be done on Monday but alas was a bit slower to complete, I think its the quilting that seems to take forever.
I thought ....OK couple of hours for prob
It took two days...not full days, but two days worth of crafting time. Am happy with the result though & really hope Andrew & Layla like them too.

Lots of love gone into these & i Sure hope it shows.....I'm so excited for them. There's nothing quite like a new born baby in a family to get the sweetness & love & happiness flooding in.

I do have some wonderful news of my own though (no I'm not.......)
My beautiful sweet girl Lauren & her guy Patrick are getting married in September. I can't believe it ,my first baby is gonna be a wife, a wonderful, lovely, beautiful wife. Seems like yesterday when I gave birth to her, 24 years ago.....Wow!!!!!
Mom of course (that's me) will be making her wedding dress & her bridesmaids dresses.....yikes that's five dresses for September.....will def be buying my own.
We couldn't be happier & I can't remember seeing her this happy ever....& I've seen her happy.
Was busting to tell..........!!!!!

Soooooooo that's me done, see you again soon, prob up to my tonsils in satin & lace :)
Lots of love & have a wonderful weekend
Karen x

Friday, 11 April 2014

Baby, baby,baby.......

Hi there so work is well under way with my baby pressies 
for my Lil brother...younger that is.... he's def about a foot
taller than me, which by the way would not prove difficult for
the vast majority of people over twelve years of age
as I measure in at a mere 4ft 11.5 inches (.5 being of the utmost
importance) you do understand!!!!

I've finished the baby bag, an absolute necessity for any
mother of a newborn.
I did so enjoy piecing this one together

The wee flower is removable in case its a boy & they think
its a wee bit girley,,,,really hope they like it

Also planned for tomorrow are these

Bit odd looking now to be sure, but they WILL be a few pairs 
of baby booties.....check back & see????
When I had them laid out like this my mind was brought back to 
this storybook & this illustration

Anyone else recognise this delightful book
Was one of my firm favourites as a child, such lovely pictures.
Wonder will my booties turn out as nicely as theirs!!!!

Before I go I just have to share this with you

Ella's school had a bunny art competition.
Every child received a bunny to decorate whatever way they wanted
This is her entry....sadly she didn't win a prise
but working together with her on it was the best ever.
Better luck next time.

I'll be back soon with more baby bits have to buy wadding for the quilt tomorrow
so I hope to have that finished over the weekend along with the 
booties, ready to post on Monday or Tuesday.
Three weeks left & its got to go to Australia eeeek
Hope it gets there first

Lots of love
Have a sweet weekend
Karen x

Monday, 7 April 2014

Quilts, cakes & crochet

Hi again, I've actually found time to blog....its a miracle.
Roll on the Easter break, morning lie ins, food galore, chocolate
bunnies, eggs, bears, mini eggs, cakes......lots of it!!!!
Four more days YESSSSS!
Anyhoo I managed to sew up the quilt top over the last few days,I actually have to fight 
to get into my lovely sewing room that I waited for years & years & years 
to have....Bethany has spent the last month entrenched there sewing 
costumes for her cosplay conventions....she's real good.
Must show you a few of her creations soon.
So back to the quilt top

  Keeping it simple but I will embroider some flowers 
& a lil message for baby on it.....can't wait to finish & see the 
end result.

Bit of progress on this too.....

I started this last summer & have been real neglectful
Am loving it though & am feeling a renewal of interest in finishing it.
Tiny wee squares can be a little monotonous but I'm determined 
& excited about it....good sign eh!!!

We had a birthday in the house this weekend, Lauren turned
24....I can't believe it ....24?
I should feel old but I don't...must be all the cakes keeping me youthful.

We had a tea party

Twas real tasty & much enjoyed by all.
Will be back again soon
Love you guys
Karen x

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Ready Again

Its been a while, a long while. I think my last post was way back in november.
I have missed blogging, but needed a break from it, not from you guys though.
I have been secretly stalking your blogs, cause I just couldn't stay away from them.
All that beautiful inspiration is way too important to me.

I decided to put away blogging in december as my lovely dad
passed away a few days before christmas, I just didn't have the heart 
to share for quite some time. We miss him a great deal, but 
life does go on, it keeps moving, changing & living.

I haven't been crafting very much, just wee bits here & there.
Wee bits I nonetheless enjoyed making.
Let me share just some

A pretty blanket for Lauren
Some cute lil coasters......nice & easy
Cushions for my sofa & one for my bed
Simple, relaxing, no hassle pieces.
Pieces that hook up while sipping hot chocolate
& chilling on my couch.
I have enjoyed taking it easy but am dying to get 
back to full swing again.

My younger brother Andrew & his wife Layla are expecting
their first baby in May, I am itching to make baby stuff.......lots 
of baby stuff.
First up is a quilt from this fabric

They don't know the sex.....want to be surprised, so I have to keep 
colours as neutral as possible. 
Really like these though & can't wait to start
Will post as I create 

I am so happy to be back & will start leaving comments again 
 on your spaces.....just so you'll know how much 
I love what you say & do
See you again soon
Lots of love Karen x

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Another Finish

Catching up now with some unfinished jobs.
Whoa its not long to christmas & I haven't even started on 
preparations......gotta get it together real soon!!!!
I did however manage to finish this quilt 
before my Australia trip.

Its been a long trip with this I'm delighted to have it done.
Well pleased with the dotty backing & green binding, has worked out ok!

Warm & cozy just in time for winter

A satisfied smile....what more could i ask for.

Back soon 
Lots of love Karen x

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Hi There

I've been away from my blog again for a few weeks
for good reason though.
For the second time this year I traveled to 
Perth in Australia to spend precious time with my dad.
He was diagnosed with motor neurons disease a year 
ago & really doesn't have very much time left.
Every minute I got with him was a blessing.
For the first time in 21 years we were all 
together in one place as a family
It was a amazing to be able to take this picture
with them

Thats me there on the right with my sweet sister Cindy just behind me.
Two brothers Gary & Mark behind us, my lovely dad with third 
brother Andrew & his gorgeous wife Layle, then my niece Jody, mom &
 sister Michelle next to her.
Made our dad so happy to have us all together
I guess we really need to treasure what we have
& I'll treasure this.

Hope to be back soon with some pieces to share
Have missed all your lovely blogs yet again
See you soon 
Karen x

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Cushion Love

At last an opportunity to blog, sometimes I feel my 
days & weeks fly by so very quickly
I'm wishing & wanting it all to stand still
just for a while. 
My oldest daughter is 23 & I remember the 
day she was born like it was yesterday.
Wow make every day count, make every moment 
together be special, because it really is.
We just don't it all feel go by.
I appreciate this time to catch up with you guys
I still browse my favourite blogswhen I can't post
 get inspired, laugh at some 
of the funny things, cried today at some sad things but
am always blessed & in awe of you.

Anyway have managed a wee bit of creativity over the last week or two
I love cushions & will probably make many, many more
in the years to come & yeah even over the next 
few months on the run up to Christmas
They sure make great pressies

New pincuhions for new pins for my new sewing room

Not at all fancy, simple wee designs, 
 I'm experimenting really

Lauren bought me the cute heart pins.....she certainly has an eye for cuteness

A few full size for my hallway, soft & pretty

Hearts & crochet
Oh my goodness the crochet one gave me 
so much bother....all my own fault of course
didn't count stiches properly on the second side & ended up 
ripping it back completely......major pain !!!!!!

Flowers to pretty it up & a simple border to finish
I love it 

Am halfway through the next this time
relaxing calming colour'

Had to indulge my cake craving too
A biscuit from a packet just doesn't do it for me
has to be home made goodies
Thank God for recipe can read

Date bars....oh my lord they were good
Thank you Rachel Allen........ LOVE your cook books
Ate two.......want more.....but will have to restrain myself till tomorrow

Feet up now, got some Classic Costume Dramas today
Sooooooo its tv, sleep, then date bars for breakfast ....heh heh!!!

Thanks for stopping by
Have the best weekend
Lots of love Karen xxxxx