Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Me & Cushions

I really do love cushions, I think I must have at least forty different cushions
around the house.
Friends actually laugh ....some with delight & some in disbelief at 
the amount of cushions on my chairs & sofas when they visit.
A few have taken to throwing them on the floor to make room for themselves as they sit.
I don't just can't have too many cushions!

These two are a result of a clearout of my yarn basket

The african flower was a test a few years back, my first attempt at one.
When I discovered it tucked away under all that yarn I knew I couldn't chuck it out, 
so I added a few rounds, a scalloped edge & a pink trim.
Made up a wee round cushion in some cute fabric & sewed the crochet piece on..
Viola one MORE cushion .....where to put it though?

This one was always destined to be a cushion, I had just forgotten all about it.
Some more cute fabric later & my home gets another much needed cushion, I love them.

Bright & cheery & summery, more to come though.
This is a little panel I made quite a while back.
I had made it into a cushion for Ella's room, but the fabric had gone quite ikky & faded & not very nice.
 So as I really love this piece of work I am going to make a much nicer
Cushion this time round.

Be back soon with a finished blanket....almost there...& finished cute cushion
number three.
Thanks so much for visiting
Love to hear from you guys.
Have a super week
Karen x


  1. Oh what lovely cushions! You are right, you can never have too many! Mine get thrown on the floor too to make more sofa space! I still have it in my head to make a few more soon though!

    Cannot wait to see your blanket!

    Have a super rest of a week!

    Vanessa xxx

  2. Your cushions look lovely & you can't beat a pile of cushions to sink into at the end of the day.

  3. Cute cushions! I love them too. I make them and keep them put up high otherwise my dogs will chew them. Grrr! Nothing worse than finding your crochet destroyed! Can't wait to see your latest blanket. I checked out Pavlova online and plan to make one soon!

  4. Gorgeous cushions, Karen! I agree you can never have too many cushions and I make as many as possible! Your new embroidery looks so pretty too. I always love the delicious colours you put together!
    Helen xox

  5. Oh my what completely gorgeous cushions ,the colours are divine , your very clever xxxxx