Saturday, 26 April 2014

Rainy Days.......

I've realised that when you love to craft & make & bake & crochet rainy days are never fact any day with any weather can be filled with handmade loveliness from start to finish.
Today is one of those rainy type days, bucketing down, then short spells of sunshine, then bucketing down again. It means outdoors is a no no for today. 
So its a restful Saturday for me. 
Think I'll have coffee, maybe tea....yes tea & a piece of this

Seriously can you beat pavlova for indulgence......chocolate gooey cake maybe, but for now, its raspberry & strawberry pavlova. Its meant to be for tomorrows dessert but I don't think anyone will miss one wee slice!!

For an extra bit of cheering up I bought these this morning while dashing to the supermarket for our weekly shop

1.99 for a bunch of seven, not bad I think, so I bought two bunches & a plant I've been wanting for an age & haven't been brave enough to buy as I seem to kill houseplants

Its a Boston fern, always reminds me of quaint old British costume dramas with beautiful greenhouses & lush fern plants everywhere. Hoping this one thrives, never had a Boston fern so if anyone has any pointers for me PLEASE feel free to advise........

This wee thing started as a way to use up some stone coloured linen type fabric from Ikea
I desperately need some new place mats, nice simple ones, with a touch of prettiness

Oh my goodness the crochet edging took so long to do I am tempted to stop at one but more so am determined to make four more, should be five more but ran out of fabric.
Think I'll mix & match the lace & ricrac with different trims & do the same with the crochet heart, maybe throw in a flower or.......?????
ps the back is pink & white gingham, forgot to photo that

My blanket is growing well, another week should see it done.
I am loving it & would seriously like to make a huge throw from this but really its quite labour some.
Think I should stick to stripes & ripples so much less fiddly,
 I'm not a fiddly patience you see.

Crochet for the day............sounds like my kind of day!!!!
Beths taken over the sewing room again so I'm barred out of my own sewing room....Kids eh!!

Well that's my news & chat for now, be back soon
Hope you all have the best weekend
Lots of love Karen x


  1. Your pictures are always such eye candy. Lovely crochet and yummy berries

  2. This post is so full of goodness! That cake thingy looks so pretty. I haven't ever seen anything like that...where have I been? Is it something not made here? Anyway, it looks great! Your placemats are so freakin' cute too. So sweet and home-made looking. That crochet blanket looks like a lot of work. I don't blame you for not wanting to make it full-size, but it is gorgeous!

  3. The cake looks yummy and your photos are always so bright and cheery. I think you made a very valid point about rainy days. Where I live we have plenty of bad weather during the winter months so there is a lot of time spent indoors doing crafty things.

    Your blanket is looking good. Cant wait to see it all finished!
    Birgitta xx

  4. I love pavlova, its one of my all time favorites! Your flowers, plant and craft are beautiful too. I specially love the colors of your blanket! :))

  5. Such gorgeousness! I adore that blanket and those cushions. Yumm. x