Thursday, 17 April 2014

On the way

Well got finished with the baby stuff last night & its on the way to Perth as we speak.
Isn't it funny how things always seem to take longer than you expect to finish. I had hoped to be done on Monday but alas was a bit slower to complete, I think its the quilting that seems to take forever.
I thought ....OK couple of hours for prob
It took two days...not full days, but two days worth of crafting time. Am happy with the result though & really hope Andrew & Layla like them too.

Lots of love gone into these & i Sure hope it shows.....I'm so excited for them. There's nothing quite like a new born baby in a family to get the sweetness & love & happiness flooding in.

I do have some wonderful news of my own though (no I'm not.......)
My beautiful sweet girl Lauren & her guy Patrick are getting married in September. I can't believe it ,my first baby is gonna be a wife, a wonderful, lovely, beautiful wife. Seems like yesterday when I gave birth to her, 24 years ago.....Wow!!!!!
Mom of course (that's me) will be making her wedding dress & her bridesmaids dresses.....yikes that's five dresses for September.....will def be buying my own.
We couldn't be happier & I can't remember seeing her this happy ever....& I've seen her happy.
Was busting to tell..........!!!!!

Soooooooo that's me done, see you again soon, prob up to my tonsils in satin & lace :)
Lots of love & have a wonderful weekend
Karen x


  1. Congratulations to your daughter and her fiancé, and to you - mother of the bride! You are very brave taking on all that dressmaking :0) I love the wavy quilting you have done on the baby quilt by the way. Sam xxx

  2. My gosh!! Babies and brides, so much good news! Those little slippers are adorable. Everything coordinates with the quilt. Very, very pretty.

  3. Oh the baby quilt and gifts are so beautiful, I sure they will be treasured. Congrats on the up and coming wedding, I can't wait to follow all your creative dress making posts, big hugs, love Margie ❤️

  4. Hello Karen
    I've just been taking a little peek round your gorgeous blog. Your quilt and baby boots are so perfectly made - such a lovely gift to have made. My eldest daughter is also getting married but not until next year. Amazing that you are planning to make all the dresses.
    Have a lovely Easter

  5. Hi Karen, thats such wonderful news. Looking forward to seeing those dresses,wow. Love the. Babies gift,its so beautiful,Im sure they will be or the moon.wishing you a blessedand happy easter lovely xxx

  6. Gorgeous quiilt and such adorable little booties! Wonderful news that your daughter is getting married......I look forward to seeing the dresses, you are so clever to make them!
    Wishing you a Happy Easter.
    Helen xxx

  7. Wow those baby boots are adorable. Love them. Congrats for your daughter! Very exciting. x